Oakville Demolition & Excavation Experts

For expert demolition and excavation services in Oakville Ontario and the surrounding region look to Como Demolition, Excavation & Disposal. We have a sterling reputation as a reliable and efficient demolition and excavation company with decades of experience working in the Oakville area.  We have a fully trained and certified team of professionals that are qualified to plan out and execute your demolition project from start to finish. With our vast experience we have the expertise necessary to ensure that the job is done properly and safely. We also have a wide variety of equipment ranging from precision tools to heavy machinery to best suit the project at hand. If you have any questions you can call us at (416) 459-2516 or email us at info@comodisposal.com and we'd be happy to help you out.

Oakville Demolition Company

It's very important to understand what is potentially involved when talking about demolition services. A full service demolition contractor with a long standing reputation of quality work like Como Demolition can provide a complete package so you have everything you need. There are lots of risks associated with demolition, it's important to make sure that precautions have been taken and that the site is safe. Demolition and excavation projects can be complicated and can require delicate planning to ensure no unnecessary harm is done to other parts of the property. It's important to ensure that your demolition contractor has the specialized skills and equipment to handle the scope of your project. They also need to meet the necessary safety standards, as well as maintaining accountability should any issues arise with the project. When you trust Como Disposal with your demolition project we will carefully plan the job, we have the skills and equipment needed and we exceed the safety standards required. We will be accountable. Como Disposal is a Residential & Commercial Demolition company that can handle any size of demolition project. By choosing Como Disposal, you can be sure that your entire demolition project is completed safely and correctly from beginning to end. 

Our Oakville Demolition Services

We offer demolition services for residential, commercial and industrial clients in and around Oakville and Southern Ontario utilizing techniques to professionally and safely accomplish the job. We provide partial and full demolition services in Oakville and the surrounding region. We are an environmentally responsible company focused on safely removing hazardous materials from structures including homes, schools, rural buildings, industrial buildings, institutional buildings and agricultural sites in and around Oakville. We also provide full underground storage tank removal services.  We are trained in underground storage tank removal and soil remediation of petroleum impacted soil which is non-hazardous.

Our Oakville Demolition Services Include

  • Residential Home Demolition 
  • Building Demolition 
  • Full Demolition and Site Remediation
  • Partial Demolition and Site Remediation
  • Environmental Assessment and Reporting
  • Industrial Demolition 
  • Commercial Demolition 
  • Structural Demolition and Foundation Removal
  • Barn Demolition 

Contact us today for your free consultation at (416) 459-2516 or email us at info@comodisposal.com.

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