Demolition in Milton

If you are looking for a demolition company in Milton a company at the top of the list is Como Demolition, Excavation & Disposal, a locally owned and operated family business that has decades of experience in the region spanning from Hamilton to Toronto including Milton.  As a family owned business, Como provides a very personal touch and brings a dedication to the quality of work they provide that is second to none.  Reputation is everything and Como has built a solid reputation over decades of planning, executing and successfully completing a vast range of demolition and excavation projects.  Contact us at (416) 459-2516 or email us at and we can provide you with an initial consultation regarding whatever project you have.  We can work with you to plan the project from start to finish so there is no mystery.

Underground Storage Tank Removal

Demolition and excavation often go hand in hand, but not always.  If you have a project that is all about excavation then Como Demolition, Excavation & Disposal have specific expertise in that area that may be of interest to you.  If you have an underground storage tank that needs to be removed we have the expertise and training for complete underground storage tank removal and site remediation. 

Milton Demolition Services

Residents and businesses alike in Milton and the surrounding western GTA region can count on Como Demolition, Excavation & Disposal to be their full service partner that provides efficient and cost effective residential, commercial and industrial demolition services.  Whether you require full or partial demolition services you can be sure that we'll execute the job in an environmentally responsible fashion.  Here is a list of some of the types of demolition projects that we provide.  If you have a project that doesn't fit in with anything on this list feel free to contact us and we'll let you know if we can assist you with it.

  • Residential Home Demolition 
  • Full Demolition and Site Remediation
  • Partial Demolition and Site Remediation
  • Environmental Assessment and Reporting
  • Industrial Demolition 
  • Commercial Demolition 
  • Structural Demolition and Foundation Removal
  • Barn Demolition 

Responsible Demolition in Milton

There are many safety considerations with most if not all demolition projects, whether we are talking about the safety and preservation of surrounding property and structures, potential environmental issues and concerns and even jobsite safety.  Choosing the right demolition company that is committed to completing the project safely and efficiently is important, and with Como Demolition, Excavation & Disposal you can be sure you have a vested partner with you from start to finish.  We will plan the job from start to finish taking all things into consideration and taking all of the necessary precautions to minimize any risks involved.  We will complete the job with safety as a top priority to ensure everything is executed as you expect without surprises.  Protecting the surrounding property and/or other structures in the area is a priority.  Ensuring things are done in an environmentally safe and responsible way is also a priority.  Como has the proper tools and equipment, as well as the experience and expertise to complete your demolition project as planned with no surprises.

Contact us today for your free consultation at (416) 459-2516 or email us at

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