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Demolition Services In Mississauga

- Wednesday, January 04, 2017

If you are a homeowner looking for demolition services in Mississauga, you have probably come to the realization that having dilapidated structures on your property is a huge liability.  When these structures begin to fail, they become a real hazard for people, pets and other structures around them.  The wise homeowner will look for ways to make their property safer, protecting people, property and their wallets.

The lifespan of a structure

All structures fall victim to the elements, and at some point need to be either repaired or torn down. When they have outlived their usefulness or are not worth repairing, demolition is the answer.

A structure that has seen better days can be dangerous. Children or pets playing in or near the structure could be injured if the structure fails. Lose siding and exposed nail heads could catch a child’s clothing or skin. A storm could bring the old building to the ground, taking with it power lines and damaging adjacent structures like other buildings or fences.

Commonly Demolished Structures 

  • Garages
  • Tool sheds
  • Carports
  • Greenhouses
  • Potting sheds
  • Storage sheds
  • Porches
  • Barns
  • Shade structures

Benefits of Demolishing old Structures

  • Makes property safer
  • Decreases possibility of damaging other structures if the old one fails
  • Decreases possibility of insurance claims
  • Improves the appearance of your property
  • Improved the value of your property

Removing an old structure reduces liability, improves the look of your property, protects people, pets and other structures, and could clear the way for updated buildings that could better serve your needs.

Demolition Services in Mississauga

So you have decided to take care of business and remove that old structure before it collapses or hurts someone.  That’s a wise move.  The best approach to deal with that structure is to hire professional demolition services in Mississauga that will quickly dismantle the structure and haul it all away. A professional demolition company will:

  • Help secure the proper permits
  • Create a plan to safely and quickly remove the structure
  • Use experienced crews
  • Use proper equipment to complete the job
  • Haul away debris and deal with its appropriate disposal

Additionally, reputable demolition services are licensed and bonded which means they are liable for the entire demolition process and any claims that may come out of it.   For example, if a crew member is injured while on the job or workers damage your property, the demolition company’s insurance would cover the costs. Having professional demolition services in Mississauga do the job will save you time, money and frustration in the long run, while protecting you from liability if something were to go wrong.

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By choosing Como Disposal, you are getting an all-around professional service for all your demolition and disposal needs. We guarantee the lowest pricing, on-time service and quality customer care. If you have any questions you can call us at (416) 252-6641 or email us at and we'd be happy to help you out.

Oil Tank Removal Tips & Responsibility

- Friday, November 25, 2016

This information relates specifically to oil tank removal tips and responsibilities relative to Ontario Canada. Environmental concerns have led to increased awareness concerning oil tank removal responsibility on behalf of homeowners who currently use or previously used oil for heating their homes. Years ago, the use of fuel oil for heating was much more prevalent than today. As access to natural gas increased, many homeowners made the switch from oil and left their oil tanks in place.

What Prompted the Need for Oil Tank Removal

In many cases, oil tanks that were taken out of service were filled with sand and capped according to previous requirements before Ontario’s “Fuel Oil Regulation” went into effect. The new requirement from the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) puts the oil tank removal responsibility on the homeowner for unused oil tanks on their property.

The TSSA requires that all underground storage tanks must be registered with them. If the owner of the property ceases to use their tank, they must submit an application to the TSSA to determine whether it can stay in place or whether it needs to be removed. If it is determined the tank needs to be removed, it must be performed by a Petroleum Mechanic 2 (PM 2) who is registered with the TSSA.

Dangers of Not Removing or Improper Oil Tank Removal

An oil storage tank that is left underground is at risk for leaks, which can cause significant environmental damage. Even if the oil tank has been filled with sand and capped, moisture can still cause the storage tank to rust and leak oil. If a tank has been out of service for at least two years, the property owner is required by law to have it removed.

Contamination from oil leaks in some cases can cost a homeowner up to $50,000 or more if they do not have proper insurance on their tank or have failed to register their tank with the TSSA. Damage to the environment can include contamination to:

  • Surface water
  • Groundwater systems
  • Sewer systems
  • Soil

Tanks that are currently in service are also at risk of leaks from rusting. TSSA regulations require that oil tanks must receive maintenance every year by a TSSA-certified oil burner technician. Every 10 years, the tank must undergo a thorough inspection to ensure it is in good condition.

Oil Tank Removal Responsibility Falls on the Property Owner

It is important that before purchasing property that you verify that there are no abandoned oil tanks on it. If you assume ownership of the property, oil tank removal responsibility may transfer to you from the previous owner.

What is the cost of oil tank removal?

The cost of oil tank removal varies depending on whether it is a basement or above ground tank. If you have an oil tank that needs to be taken out, contact us for a low cost quote at (416) 252-6641 or email us at and we'd be happy to discuss your project with you.

By choosing Como Disposal, you are getting an all-around professional service for all your demolition and disposal needs including underground oil tank removal. We guarantee the lowest pricing, on-time service and quality customer care. If you have any questions you can call us at (416) 252-6641 or email us at and we'd be happy to help you out.

10 Signs You Need Dumpster Rental

- Wednesday, October 05, 2016

As winter approaches in Oakville Ontario, dumpster rental services are helping many families clear out the clutter and make way for new memories. On-site dumpsters make it easier to throw away large and awkward waste, and they’re a great excuse to downsize. Here are 10 signs that you need a dumpster rental this fall.

1. You’re moving

Packing up for a big move? Don’t waste time, energy or money by transporting stuff you don’t actually need or want. Rent a dumpster to make it as easy as possible to chuck whatever doesn’t make the cut.

2. You’re renovating

If you’re tearing out old flooring or getting rid of old furniture, let an Oakville dumpster rental service handle your leftovers. Now you can get right to work on the upgrades!

3. Your attic is full of clutter

Many homeowners don’t even know what’s in the back of their attic. Improve ventilation by tossing the garbage.

4. Your basement has become a storage space

If every seasonal cleaning spree sends another layer of junk downstairs, it might be time to revisit all those piles. You’ll free up space for things that are more fun than storage, and if you go the extra mile, you might even add to the value of your home! A finished basement increases your home’s square footage.

5. You have kids

Kids outgrow toys and clothes, increase the wear and tear on furniture, and inspire more frequent renovations. Whether you have a growing family or an empty nest, your house is probably filled with souvenirs from childhood phases that ended a long time ago.

6. Your yard is high-maintenance

Do you spend every weekend trimming trees, clipping bushes and pulling weeds? Large and well-landscaped yards usually result in oversized amounts of dead plants, which can kill grass, attract bugs and become eyesores. Clear out those piles of yard waste once and for all by hiring an Oakville dumpster rental service.

7. You have a shed

Sheds are magnets for garden clutter, so you can probably make some room in yours. Give yourself the gift of a new and improved outdoor storage space! Clear out the rusty tools and dusty rags, and make future lawn work easier.

8. Your closets and shelves are overflowing

Can you name everything that’s in your closet, or are there corners you haven’t seen in years? Rent a dumpster, and eliminate the useless junk once and for all.

9. Did you experience a flood?

Water damage is a ticking time bomb. If your home was recently flooded, it’s crucial to clear out the soggy boards and furniture as fast as possible.

10. Are you getting a new roof?

A dumpster makes it easy to toss shingles, nails, staples and planks of wood straight off the roof.

If any of these signs sound familiar, your home is a great candidate for a mass removal of unwanted clutter. Do your family a favor, and invest in the best dumpster rental Oakville has to offer. If you would like to arrange a trash bin rental you can do it right here on our website by clicking on this link to go to our dumpster bin rental page. If you'd prefer, you can give us a call at (905) 671-3795 or fill in the short form below and we’d be happy to explain exactly what your dumpster rental will cost.

Attention Homeowners: Not Removing Oil Tanks Can Cost You A Lot of Money!

- Wednesday, September 07, 2016

It is prudent to opt for oil tank removal if your home has a heating oil storage tank that is no longer being used. Such oil tanks and the contamination that these tank causes can turn into a financial nightmare if you don’t take proactive measures right away.

Today, oil tanks are not as common as they were a couple of years ago because gas is readily available. However, there are still many homes in Toronto that still use oil to heat their home. Even homeowners that have switched to other methods of heating often forget about the oil tanks on their property. Whether you are using or not using the oil tank, it is time to get it removed by a professional company.

Why is Oil Tank Removal Important?

Oil tanks are a blast from the past. These tanks were not constructed to resist rust and corrosion unlike the double-walled tanks that are available now. However, with rising oil prices, it makes sense to switch to natural gas.

The Liability: You may think just because your grass is green and the plants are flourishing, the oil tank has not sprung a leak. On the contrary, the tank can leak without your knowledge affecting your plants. Just the assessment of the soil to check for contamination in your home could cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000. That is not all.

Just a simple excavation, lifting, hauling and disposing could cost you $1,000. But, if there is a leak or soil contamination, the cost could skyrocket.

Removing contaminated soil from your home could damage your property and plants. It is not known how much of the soil would have to be removed from your property and disposed. Most companies charge by the ton and the cost can vary anywhere from $25 to $35 a ton. In addition to that, you’ll have to hire trucks to haul the soil. You will have to pay by the hour for the trucks and the meter goes on ticking while the trucks are waiting as well as during transit.

The Insurance Angle: Many insurance companies are wary of insuring homes that have old and abandoned tanks because of the huge liability. If they do offer you homeowner’s insurance, you could be saddled with high monthly premiums.

As you can see, the cost of letting old and abandoned oil tanks on your property could cost you an arm and leg.

Opt for Complete Oil Tank Removal

Some removal companies offer sand filling of the tank. While this is one way of de-commissioning, it is not the most efficient. It is best to get the whole tank removed and hauled away. Remember, the tank should only be removed by a TSSA-registered removal company. After successful removal, you will be issued a certificate of tank removal for insurance purpose.

Before your underground oil tank creates a huge problem for you, opt for safe and secure oil tank removal. It is the least expensive option that can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

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By choosing Como Disposal, you are getting an all-around professional service for all your demolition and disposal needs including underground oil tank removal. We guarantee the lowest pricing, on-time service and quality customer care. If you have any questions you can call us at (416) 252-6641 or email us at and we'd be happy to help you out.

Demolition Bin Rental In Mississauga

- Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Waste from construction sites is one of the major contributors of environmental pollution. Demolition waste often comes from various commercial and residential projects. Renting a dumpster to remove waste from your home is a great way to reduce costs, finish the job fast and hassle free. It’s also a great way of tackling larger piles of trash which you may find difficult to get rid of. Many homeowners do not know the benefits that renting a dumpster could bring due to various misconceptions. Here are the benefits you could get from hiring a renting a dumpster in Mississauga.

Renting a Dumpster is Cheaper

Most people view renting a dumpster as an expense. This cannot be denied because it costs money to rent a dumpster. Renting a dumpster can help home owners save more money because it’s an efficient way to get rid of sizeable quantity of waste. Without a dumpster, home owners are forced to make multiple trips to and from the dump. With gas prices on the rise, the cost of trips to the dump can really add up.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are environmentally conscious, renting a dumpster is a great way to ensure that your waste is disposed in a proper manner. Once the dumpster is picked up, the contents are sorted by professionals who are specifically trained to handle various types of waste. With regulations restricting what can be brought to the local landfills, renting a dumpster will make it easier for you to dispose a wide range of waste products.

More Convenient

When you want to get rid of waste, a simple phone call will have a dumpster conveniently delivered to your home on the date you requested. Renting a dumpster helps home owners to clear waste without making multiple trips to the landfill. A dumpster enables you to get rid of waste quickly because the dumpster is on site and the dumpster company picks it up once you have finished clearing the waste.

More Flexible

When renting a dumpster, you can choose the size of dumpster you want and the length of time you will need it. Dumpster companies schedule pick up dates that work best for you so this takes away the pressure of finishing your projects quickly. Public dumps and recycling facilities do not operate at night so it creates time constraints. By renting a dumpster, you can work at your own pace and choose what works best for you.

Cleaner Yard

A dumpster enhances the look of your yard when clearing waste. Instead of sorting through the garbage, a dumpster ensures that your waste is in one convenient location. It also provides a cleaner alternative as opposed to creating piles of trash bags.

Are you Interested in Renting a Dumpster Bin?

If you live in the greater Mississauga area and are looking to rent a dumpster, look no further as we got you covered. We have a long list of happy customers that have used our Mississauga garbage bin rental services over the last 40 years. Contact us today for more information. 

Remove Oil Tanks That Have Been Out of Service for More Than Two Years IMMEDIATELY

- Saturday, August 08, 2015
Poorly maintained or neglected oil tanks pose a hazard, if not removed.

Oil leaks contaminate soils and underground water and tank corrosion cause metal poisoning. Whereas oil leaks reduce respiration of aquatic organisms, and cause their death. Three reasons warrant you to remove your tank are: tank leaks, upgrading and wearing due to old age. 

Also, it’s the law.

Leaking Tanks

According to the Fuel Oil Regulations, once you confirm a leak in your underground tank system, notify the Spill Action Centre of the Ministry of the Environment, and clean up the leak. Failure to do that will lead to legal action, if an environmental assessment report is missing, not to mention the spill containment. This is why you need to repair a leak as fast as possible.

Upgrading of the Tank Systems

Corroded tanks, leak detection devices and pressure transducers need to be constantly checked and replaced immediately if faulty, by a qualified contractor. The law requires that underground tanks, not in use for more than two years, or not intended for use, be removed. An underground tank is any tank supported by landfill material e.g. soil.

Old Age

Steel containers like tanks rust due to internal condensation and vagaries of weather. Single walled underground tanks, with no corrosion protection risk removal by law if more than 25 years old and no longer intended for use according to the Ontario Fuel Oil Code.

Similarly, any underground tank not used for more than two years and no longer intended for use ought to be removed regardless of age.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) also gives guidelines on removal or upgrade of underground tanks in the Ontario fuel Code as follows:

Underground tank less than 9 years be removed or upgraded by October 2009.
Underground tanks 10-19 years old be removed or upgraded by October 2008.Underground tanks 20-24 years old be removed or upgraded by October 2007.

What to Do

For your oil tank to have free flowing, readily available gas, ensure that:
  • You register your storage tank with the TSSA at no cost to enable the authority register you with an oil distributor easily.
  • Your tank is inspected annually for leaks and integrity of the burner equipment’s.
  • Your fuel storage tank is comprehensively inspected by a registered TSSA oil burner technician once every 10 years and as soon as possible.
  • Seek a contractor who can offer you the lowest cost of upgrading, maintenance and removal of your tank and:
  1. Handle dangerous goods transportation.
  2. Provide a Certificate of Tank Removal to you for insurance needs.
  3. Is qualified by having a Petroleum Equipment Mechanics (PM-2) license.
Seek the safety professionals who are adept with tank removal and maintenance to protect the water and soil around you.

Have an oil tank that needs to be removed? By choosing Como Disposal, you are getting an all-around professional service for all your demolition and disposal needs including oil tank removal. We guarantee the lowest pricing, on-time service and quality customer care. If you have any questions you can call us at (416) 252-6641 or email us at and we'd be happy to help you out.

5 Little-Known Ways to Save Money from Home Demolition

- Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Whatever the reason for demolishing your home, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that it’s an expensive endeavour.  Between the act itself, the clean up and the disposal, the cost is nothing to scoff at. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to save money when demolishing your home.  Read on to learn 5 easy and often overlooked ways to protect your wallet while your home gets destroyed.

1.  Yard Sale!

The key to saving cash when tearing down your home is to be resourceful.  You need to know how to use what’s around you, and in this case, it’s your neighbours. A yard sale is a great way to make some quick cash by selling off anything you don’t need, where you can easily make hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of dollars. “You will be able to reach buyers that aren’t as computer savvy and have ready cash in hand. Our yard sale made us another $800 to add to our savings,” according to an author. Remember, you’re going to need as much extra funding as you can get.  Anyone who’s done work on their house knows how quickly costs can accumulate.

2.  Sell Off Materials

A good next step after a yard sale is to start selling your home construction materials.  If you place an ad online to websites like craigslist or kijiji, you will find people willing to buy anything. Whether it’s tiling, paneling, doors, windows or carpeting, there is someone out there working on their own project who’s willing to take it off your hands.  The more you can sell off now, the less you’ll have to throw away later.

3.  Recycle!

Depending on where your home is, you may be required to recycle a certain percentage of its weight.  Look at the recyclers close by and find which one will give you the best deal for the amount you’ll be bringing in. This can be costly, but if you check out all your options as opposed to just going with the closest or first find, you’ll manage to save a bit and every bit counts!

4.  Salvage, Salvage, Salvage

You may not realize it but a lot of the innards of your home can make you some decent cash and net a nice return.  Salvage yards will take any copper piping and any wiring in the home, as long as it’s sorted.

5.  Hire a Professional

When you’re left with nothing but wood and concrete in the shell of your house, it’s going to cost you to recycle.  That is unless you decide to hire a grader.  These guys can get the job done quickly and will save you a massive amount of time and effort. Call a bin rental company and arrange for a bin to be dropped off.  This will save you the pain and cost of hauling it yourself, and any professionals you have working will appreciate it!

Do You Need an Affordable Demolition Company?

One of the biggest ways to save money on a home demolition is to hire a reputable company that is also affordable!  Demolition is a serious business, and it needs to be done properly, which is why you need to find a company that has experience.  But how do you find one with competitive rates to boot? For over 40 years, Como Disposal has provided quality demolition services for residential and commercial properties in the Greater Toronto Area.  We ensure that the job is done according to plan, while following safe practices and providing an affordable rate.  Learn more about our demolition services, and visit our website to get an estimate, so you can get the job done right, and on budget!

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Underground Oil Tanks

- Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Most business owners don’t know that there could be something lurking under their property waiting to drain them of all their money, unless they strike first and consider oil tank removal.  It sounds like a ticking time bomb and it might as well be; underground oil storage tanks (USTs) are much more common than you’d think.

Just underfoot

If you’ve never heard of underground oil storage tanks, it’s understandable.  We don’t use them anymore.  Homes built up to 60 and 70 years ago were heated with furnace oil as opposed to natural gas.  When this happened the USTs were either filled with sand or capped, lost to time.

Not so much.  After time, these tanks start to rust and any oil left over will seep out into waterways and soil, contaminating them.  This can drastically affect your property.

There are some pretty heavy legal issues apart from the fact that the value of the property goes down.  If USTs aren’t taken care of it can end up costing you a lot of money.  Luckily, there are some things that can be done.

Wow, what a hole

Removing buried oil tanks is the responsibility of the owner.  That means you.  Getting it done is important because you could be violating an Environmental Management Act.  You could be found liable for neglecting to deal with the problem, even if you didn’t know about it.

If you decide to get it removed, certified professionals should be the only ones to carry out the process.  Once they look at your property, they’ll start pumping out any remaining oil and disposing of it at a specialized facility.

Next the tank has to be taken out and the surrounding soil and groundwater have to be checked for contamination.  If there’s any found, the contractors might have to completely remove and replace them.

The lengthy process is topped off by a report with photo evidence the procedure was done to the letter.  So how do you go about this and how do you know if you’ve got a UST hiding underneath you?

Into the deep

Whether you’re looking at a property or already have one, you should consider a few things:

  • Property Disclosure Statement:  Have a look at this, if the previous owner disclosed there was no presence of a UST and there is one, they’ll be the ones liable, especially if it’s part of the contract.
  • Magnetic Survey:  If you suspect or are worried you have a UST, this is the first step to finding one and assessing contamination.
  • Hire an expert:  Find a qualified tank removal contractor and engage their services.  Make sure they provide you with reports in case you end up selling the property.

Don’t put this off

The key with underground oil tanks is not waiting.  The longer they lay underground, the more trouble it’ll be.  Oil tank removal is a far better option than paying hefty fines down the road and devaluating your property.

Are you looking for oil tank removal services around Toronto?

Como Disposal has been providing Toronto with oil tank removal services for over 40 years now!  We ensure that the job is done according to plan, while following safe practices and providing an affordable rate.  Fell free to contact us for more information about our oil tank removal services.

What You Should Know About Home Demolition Services

- Monday, March 10, 2014

There are instances in every homeowner’s lives where a renovation must occur or a driveway or other concrete structure must be demolished in order to put up a new structure. For those who decide to have these projects completed, there are two options to consider. You can tackle these projects on your own, or you can hire professionals to handle them for you. When you opt for the latter decision, there are benefits such as safety, guarantees, and time-savings.

Circumstances Leading to Home Demolition

  • Asphalt demolition
  • Block wall excavating
  • Concrete demolition
  • Deck demolition
  • Hillside excavating
  • Home additions
  • Home demolition-complete teardown
  • Kitchen renovation or remodeling
  • Land leveling or grading
  • Mobile home or trailer demolition
  • Patio demolition
  • Renovation projects in other rooms
  • Roofing repair or complete tear down
  • Shed  or other out-building demolition
  • Swimming pool demolition

Benefits of Hiring Home Demolition Services

Professional Safety: There are risks associated with breaking up concrete no matter how small the job may appear. If a pickaxe is required for the job, be it a patio or driveway, workers must ensure they are wearing the proper safety attire and using proper form when equipment is in use in order to prevent injuries from occurring. When a professional team is on the job they come prepared with gloves, boots, goggles, and additional safety equipment as needed to complete the home demolition tasks at hand in a safe manner.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: When a professional demolition team is hired to perform a job for a home owner, they a tasked with completing a job requiring them to demolish and remove debris associated with the demolition job from beginning to end in a way that provides complete satisfaction. The job is performed so that precautions are taken to ensure that no portion of your home’s interior or exterior are harmed during the demolition job. For those homeowners who choose a demolition company that will also haul away all the debris, then they will make sure everything involved with the job is broken up and cleaned up from the property.

Saves the Homeowner Energy and Time: Not only is demolition a labor-intensive job, but it’s also time consuming. Even though most homeowners can handle demolition and clean up as a DIY weekend job, the energy and time spent on these projects may not be available due to schedule constraints. Some homeowners may also have other limitations related to their health that may also require them to hire a professional to do the job for them. Therefore, the money invested in hiring a professional crew is well spent.

Additional Services Offered By Demolition Companies

In addition to providing home demolition services, these companies also offer dumpster rental for those homeowners who do wish to handle their projects as a DIY weekend project or do not wish to have the crew haul away the debris. This allows the homeowner a lot more freedom to decide if there are additional renovation and remodeling projects that need to occur, as well as any additional demolition that may need to happen.

If homeowners need excavation or an oil tank removed, demolition companies also provide these services as well. This is an excellent benefit for homeowners who are looking for a company that provides multiple services so they can handle all of their needs at one time. Not only can the homeowner use the company for demolition and clean up, but also their property will look great once the job is complete. For those who are working on these projects on resale properties, this is a big timesaver because, in addition to the projects being completed faster, the property owner is also saving money by working with one contractor.

Common Uses of Roll off Dumpster Bin Rentals

- Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Roll off dumpster bin rentals have become the most popular way to dispose of unwanted objects on a large scale. Private companies deliver these open top containers to the location using large specialized trucks. Once at the site, the dumpsters are slowly lowered by a hydraulic system and a chain on one end for support. The size will vary according to the volume of garbage to be disposed, the width of the streets that the truck will have to pass through, and the area designated as the drop off point. Dumpsters are ideal for renovation projects, junk removal, construction projects and the like.

Renovation Projects

Roll off dumpster bin rentals may be used for residential renovations such as roof replacement and kitchen remodeling. Smaller sizes will suffice since the volume is generally manageable. Streets can also be narrow around some communities so small trucks are perfect for squeezing in where the bigger ones can’t get through. The container may be placed on the driveway or any accessible hard surface like concrete and asphalt. A dirt surface will not suffice as the wheels may get stuck. It would be best to lay down sheets of plywood on the ground so that the wheels don’t leave marks due to friction.

Junk Removal

These may also be rented for massive garage clean-outs. The garage often doubles as storage space for all sorts of household items. Old furniture gets thrown in there along with nonfunctioning appliances. Bits and pieces from years ago can be found within cabinets and boxes. There comes a time when all of it just gets too much and you finally have to let them go. Maybe you need space for a new car or you want to convert the garage into a home office. Whatever your goal may be, roll offs will help you clean things up by hauling every piece of junk in one go.

Construction Projects

Construction and demolition projects generate so much waste that they often require the largest dumpster bins. Multiple trucks can go on rotation to deliver empty containers and pick up the full ones. Note that these cannot be filled to be brim as the contents may slide off while lifting them back to the truck’s platform. There is also a maximum weight allowed per haul which will be discussed before the start of the hauling operations. Continuous cleanup keeps the construction site safe and productive.

Instead of putting excess materials in a pile, workers can throw them directly onto the open top containers. A centralized disposal area may be created on the site. Roll off trucks can deliver the trash straight to the local landfill, or the recycling facility.

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