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How to Prepare for a Dumpster Delivery

Como Disposal - Thursday, April 18, 2019

It’s that time of year that spring cleaning, home renovations and landscaping projects are in full swing.  The best way to get rid of unwanted junk, construction debris and yard waste is to rent a dumpster.  To save time and hassle, it is best to have a plan of where to put the dumpster and have the area prepared before delivery.  This will ensure that the process will be free of problems.

When ordering your dumpster by phone or online, be sure to let the company know where you plan to put it so they can let you know if it is a viable option.   

A hard, flat surface is an ideal location.  The area should be at least a 16 feet wide to accommodate the truck and its mechanics.  Also keep height in mind; the area should be clear of tree limbs, hanging wires etc.  The drop-off zone should be clear of vehicles, kid’s toys, fences, debris, garbage cans etc at the time you are expecting delivery, exchange, or pickup.  If the container is being placed on a driveway or other asphalt that is in good condition, you should place large pieces of plywood where the bin is to be located to avoid damage.

You should not consider placing your dumpster on a hill (for obvious reasons!) or soft surfaces where the delivery truck could get stuck.  If your dumpster is going to be sitting on the street make sure you have the proper city permits. 

Dumpsters rarely cause damage but be careful with heavy loads such as concrete or roof shingles.  Be mindful of the stated weight limit of the dumpster. 

Be sure to make note of your delivery date and time! A dumpster rental is a simple and safe way to dispose of your unwanted waste especially when you are prepared!

Consider Como Disposal for your waste removal needs.  It is your best option for reliable and cost-effective dumpster rental in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Etobicoke and western GTA.  We guarantee that we'll provide you with excellent pricing, on-time delivery & pick-up and quality customer service. They are professional, dependable and great to work with. Call them at 647-693-9991 or email them at and they'll help you out and answer any questions you might have.

Renting A Dumpster For Your Landscape Projects

Como Disposal - Monday, March 25, 2019
As the temperatures rise, so will the urge to get outdoors. Are you itching to get in the yard and clean up after a long winter?
How you dispose of your landscaping debris will depend on the size of the job. Yard waste bags are ideal if you are doing a basic clean up, but they can only hold so much. If your project involves a lot of debris, then you may want to rent a dumpster to make your cleanup much easier. It can be placed in a convenient location, so you aren’t left with piles of waste on your lawn.

Dumpsters come in various sizes, so assess your project and determine the size you will need. If you aren’t sure, contact the dumpster rental company and they can assist you.

Projects may include:
Tearing out an old brick patio, pathway, wood deck or driveway
Clearing brush and other debris
Creating new flower beds
Clearing downed trees and overgrown bushes
Garden shed removal

You can use the bin to dispose of:
Old decking, fencing and lumber
Garden debris: leaves, branches, trees, hedge clippings, sod, dirt etc.
Lawn clippings
Gravel, bricks, concrete
Old patio furniture
Note: you can not put liquid waste or hazardous materials in the bin.

If you will be getting a roll-off bin, there should be at least a 16-foot-wide access to the bin site to accommodate the truck and its mechanics. If it's going on the street, make sure you have the proper city permits. No vehicles should be parked near the bin site at a time you are expecting a placement, exchange, or pickup. If the bin is being placed on a driveway or other asphalt that is in good condition, you may want to place large pieces of plywood where the bin is to be located to avoid damage.

Make this the year that you tackle your overgrown backyard and create a spectacular oasis that you can enjoy all summer.

Always discuss the debris or waste you are wanting to dispose of with your dumpster rental company first. They’ll guide you to what’s allowed and what isn't. Call Como Excavation, Demolition and Disposal at 888-749-1335 or email us at, we’re happy to help!

Spring Cleaning Tips - Benefits of Renting a Dumpster

Como Disposal - Wednesday, March 13, 2019
With temperatures warming up, many of us get the Spring-cleaning bug. For some it is a simple surface clean but if you are like me, you might be ready to purge your house of too much clutter. Here are a few tips on how to make this task easier.

1. Make a Plan 

Deciding to get rid of things we have accumulated over the years can seem overwhelming but if you have a plan it can be easier. Tackle one room at a time to make the task less daunting.

2. Get in a Zone

It is essential for me to get in a zone to tackle my spring cleaning as efficiently as possible. I set out all the cleaning products I will need, have garbage bags and boxes ready and put on my favourite playlist to keep my spirits up!

3. Get Rid of Clutter

Try to remove every item from the room. It is a time-consuming process, but you can take inventory of what you want to keep and what you want to dispose of. Once emptied, it is easy to do a thorough dusting and vacuuming. Place the items you want to keep back in the room and dispose of the ones you want to get rid of. If you haven’t used an item in a year, do you really need it? Consider donating your gently used items to your local shelter.

4. Rent a Dumpster

Large projects like cleaning out the garage or attic will definitely require a dumpster. Dumpster rentals are a hassle-free way to dispose of your unwanted items. You will be able to throw away large furniture, carpets, appliances, mattresses etc. without having to wait for your towns big trash day pick-up. By renting a dumpster you can fill it with your junk and then have it hauled away at your convenience. Have your dumpster positioned so that you can quickly and easily fill it.

Getting your Spring cleaning done early will allow you to enjoy the warmer weather and the upcoming fun Summer months. When you are finished you will feel that a huge weight (of stuff!) has been lifted from you.

Are You Interested In Renting A Dumpster Bin?

If you live in the greater Mississauga area including Oakville, Burlington and the western GTA and are looking to rent a dumpster, look no further than Como Disposal. We found them to be professional, dependable and great to work with. Call them at 647-693-9991 or email them at and they'll help you out and answer any questions you might have. 

Tearing Down a House to Rebuild Your Dream Home

Como Disposal - Friday, February 22, 2019

You are looking for a new home in an established neighbourhood. You love the area and a certain lot but not the aging house sitting on it. Instead of remodeling, a popular option is a complete demolition of the house and rebuilding your custom dream home.  

Choosing the right demolition company to tear down the existing home is crucial to get the job done safely, efficiently and responsibly. Pick a reputable contractor that has specialized skills, equipment and most importantly the experience. The more experience a contractor has, the more likely it is that they will know how to tackle your project in the most effective way possible. Fully trained and certified professionals will plan and execute your demolition project from start to finish. Make sure that they are able to give you an explicit timeline and action plan including safety concerns of the demolition work. Your contractor should help secure all the proper permits.

There are many risks associated with demolition and you need ensure that the appropriate precautions have been taken and that the site is safe. People and property near your demolition are vulnerable so look for a contractor with a great safety record. 
A well trained crew and updated equipment is essential. They should be able to operate heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers and cranes skillfully and safely. Make sure they will haul away debris and deal with the appropriate disposal of it.

The right contractor should have extensive experience in handling all of these aspects. Como Excavation, Demolition and Disposal has more than 40 years experience throughout the GTA. By choosing Como Disposal, you can be sure that your entire demolition project is completed safely and correctly from beginning to end.  They guarantee the lowest pricing, on-time service and quality customer care. Call them at 647-693-9991 or email them at and they'll help you out and answer any questions you might have.

A Plan for Downsizing Your Home

Como Disposal - Tuesday, February 12, 2019
According to a recent survey by Royal LePage, more and more baby boomers are considering downsizing. There are various reasons for this including empty nesters whose children have moved out or those searching for more affordable accommodations. Many people have accumulated an abundance of “stuff” over the years. When moving to a smaller space you will want to purge and rid yourself of many things.

Sorting through a lifetime of possessions can be overwhelming and extremely emotional. Having a plan on how to get rid of your things will make this daunting task a little more manageable.

4 Tips For Downsizing

Here are some helpful hints on how I downsized and got rid of most of my possessions.  

  1. Take inventory of your belongings. Go through your belongings and decide what to keep, throw out, donate or sell. This can be a difficult process; you’ll have to separate your wants and your needs. 
  2. After deciding what to keep (at least initially!) I sold most big items online and then set up a garage sale to make a few extra bucks. I first allowed family and friends to go through my things. I now enjoy seeing them use my favourite things when I go home. 
  3. Donate items that will be of use to others. Charities such as Value Village, Diabetes Association or local shelters will gladly take your unwanted items.
  4. You’ll be surprised (or maybe not) at how much you have is actually trash. Save yourself the many trips to the dump and rent a dumpster. They don’t take up much room in your driveway and allow you to dispose of your junk efficiently. Dumpster drop off and removal makes disposal of your trash quick and easy.  When possible, the dumpster rental company can even recycle some items, minimizing the waste going into landfills which is great for the environment.

Although stressful at the time, after downsizing, I can honestly say I feel lighter, happier, freer and ready to start fresh.

Are you Interested in Renting a Dumpster Bin?

If you live in the greater Mississauga area including Oakville, Burlington and the western GTA and are looking to rent a dumpster, look no further than Como Disposal. We found them to be professional, dependable and great to work with. Call them at 647-693-9991 or email them at and they'll help you out and answer any questions you might have.

What Materials Can I Put In A Dumpster?

Como Disposal - Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Cleaning out your house? 
Renovating a kitchen? 
Getting a new roof? 
No matter what the project, you are able to throw most of your unwanted junk and trash into a dumpster for safe and easy removal. Big or small, even items that are rejected by city garbage collection services are acceptable. The dumpster company will do their best to recycle your waste when able.

Items you can throw in a dumpster

Wood – fencing, decking, firewood, old lumber.
Construction materials – debris, drywall, tiling, wallboard, Sheetrock.
Garden debris – branches, tree and hedge clippings, sod, dirt.
Furniture – couches/sofas, desks, file cabinets, tables, dressers, sofa beds, mattresses.
Appliances – fridges, freezers, stoves, dish washers, washers and dryers.
Basement, garage, shed and attic junk – boxes, books, old tools, tires.
Electronics – computers, monitors, copy machines, printers.
Garbage – cardboard, rubbish, paper.
Concrete – from broken pathways or flooring.
Roofing items – cedar and asphalt shingles.
Renovation junk – walls, doors, windows, plywood, drywall, floor boards, plasterboard and frames, etc.
Old tires – there is an added disposal charge for tires.

There are numerous items that cannot be disposed of because of safety hazards, environmental threats and local restrictions.

Items that can’t go in rental dumpsters (liquid waste or hazardous waste)

• Combustible or flammable liquids
• Propane tanks 
• Paint 
• Paint thinner 
• Solvents 
• Items explicitly listed as hazardous

For safe and eco-friendly disposal of the wastes not allowed in dumpsters, drop them off at your local Waste Management site.
Always discuss the debris or waste you are wanting to dispose of with your dumpster rental company first. They’ll guide you to what’s allowed and what isn't. Call Como Excavation, Demolition and Disposal at 888-749-1335 or email us at, we’re  happy to help!!

How A Dumpster Rental Can Make Your Cleanup Easier

Como Disposal - Thursday, January 17, 2019

If your big, home cleanup project will take more than a few garbage bags to remove your junk, a dumpster rental is your go-to solution for fast and efficient waste removal. Trash disposal is not as easy as often thought especially with the regulations imposed on waste management. Here are some reason why renting a dumpster would make your cleanup easier. 

1. Save Time

When you rent a dumpster, you have the ability to toss your junk directly into the garbage on-site while you are cleaning. No loading the car, no trips to the dump. You never realize how much garbage you have until you have to load it in the car! The dumpster company will drop off and pick up the dumpster allowing you to get your cleaning done quicker.

2. A Safer Work Environment

A dumpster is the perfect option for keeping your work environment clean and your junk out of sight. Waste will immediately be deposited into the bin instead of lying around; your work space will be safer with less chance of falling over piles of garbage.

3. Save Money

In many cases, it is cheaper to rent a dumpster to dispose of your trash. Take into consideration the cost to dump your debris at the local landfill, cost of gas to make numerous runs, not to mention the possible damage that could occur to your car. Be sure to order the right size dumpster; at Como Disposal we provide the best size to fit your needs for the same price, but many don’t do that, and paying more for a dumpster that is only half full makes no sense. Call Como Disposal so we can recommend that best size dumpster for your job so you have one that’s big enough, but isn’t taking up more space than necessary.

4. Environmental Disposal

Instead of you having to figure out where to dispose what, the dumpster rental company will take care of all disposal and save you from the troubles of getting rid of the junk yourself. When possible, the dumpster rental company can even get some of the things recycled, minimizing the waste going into landfills. Keep in mind that hazardous waste should not be disposed of in a dumpster.

Let the professionals at Como Disposal take care of all your disposal needs. If you think a dumpster rental would help make your home cleanup easier, call us today at 888-749-1335. We guarantee that we'll provide you with excellent pricing, on-time delivery & pick-up and quality customer service.

Como Disposal Sponsors The Oakville Santa Claus Parade

- Thursday, December 20, 2018
We are proud to have had the opportunity here at Como Disposal to be a sponsor of the 2018 Oakville Santa Claus Parade and it was a tremendous success judging by the thousands of people that lined the streets.  The theme of the parade was "Celebrating 70 Years" to commemorate how long Oakville has held the event.  There were an assortment of floats, marching bands and so much more including of course St. Nick himself.  At Como Disposal we've been fortunate to be doing so much work in Oakville over the years whether it's demolition projects, excavation jobs or dumpster bin rentals and we're so happy to be able to give back.  If you have any suggestions as to how we can give back to the great town of Oakville please feel free to contact us and we'll certainly consider it.

3 Reasons To Consider Dumpster Bin Rental in the GTA

- Thursday, February 02, 2017

If you are a home or business owner in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) planning a project that will generate a substantial amount of trash, a dumpster bin rental is a great way to take a lot of the hassle and responsibility of proper disposal out of your hands. Projects like demolition, roofing, or even clearing out a basement can quickly produce massive amounts of waste that can end up causing a lot of annoyance for you if you are not properly prepared with a dumpster bin rental. Here are 3 reasons to consider dumpster bin rental in the GTA.

1. Saves Time

Your time is one of the most valuable things you have. Putting a dollar amount on the time you would spend sorting through the garbage, arranging transportation to a dump, and unloading it all when you get to the dump quickly gives a perspective on how expensive hauling away your own garbage can be. If you are like most people, your time is better spent in keeping your home or business in order while the renovation, demolition or move is going on. A dumpster bin rental in the GTA ends up saving you precious time and money.

2. Convenience 

How much trash did you say you would be generating? Where are you going to put it all once it’s been removed from your home or business? Even if you can get a pickup truck or a big SUV to place the garbage in, you should consider the dirt and grime that may accumulate on or in your vehicles. This also ties up the vehicle from being used for anything else while it is being filled. And your vehicles will likely be making multiple trips to the dump to dispose of everything during the project.

A dumpster bin rental offers a better solution. At a time of your choosing, the bin is placed where you want it at your home or business and picked up when you are ready for it to be hauled away. This saves you the hassle of taking your vehicles back and forth from the dump and burning up your hard earned dollars with gas tank fillings and wear and tear on your vehicles. Also, no need to bag or box up the trash or solve the puzzle of fitting big pieces of garbage in a trash can. Just toss it into the dumpster bin and dust yourself off.

3. Disposal 

Organizing transportation and storage for the garbage as it accumulates is bad enough. If you do not have a dumpster bin rental, you are also responsible for disposing of the garbage correctly and in line with all regulations. You will need to use the internet and phone to search for a dump and make sure that they accept the type of waste that your home or business project is generating. If you decide to just leave it out by the curb and hope that the trash trucks will pick it up, you should keep in mind that many municipalities have restrictions on what is permitted to be put in the trash.

You save yourself a lot of hassle by renting a dumpster bin. The rental company takes care of all disposal and saves you from the troubles of disposing off the junk yourself. When possible, the rental company can even get some of the things recycled, minimizing the waste going into landfills.

No matter what your project is we have a dumpster for you. To order a bin online you can simply click this link for our Dumpster Bin Rental page. If you don't know what size would be best for you feel free to give us a call at (905) 671-3795 and tell us what you're doing and we can recommend the best size dumpster for the job. 

Is Your Attic Full of Clutter? Here are Some Simple Tips for Decluttering

- Monday, January 30, 2017

For a cluttered attic space, you should consider a dumpster rental so you can plan to tackle the mess and get it organized permanently.

Along with a dumpster rental, use these sensible tips used by home makeover experts.

Gather Some Basic Supplies

These would include:

  • Work gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Bags for rubbish
  • Boxes (clear plastic with lids and paper ones)
  • Marking pens
  • At least one friend or family member as a helper

Eliminate What Could Be Used By Someone Else

Start at one end of the attic, and look for items that are:

  • Broken or outdated
  • Things you really do not need any more

The key here is to be ruthless. For instance, if you have not worn that dress for years, how likely is it that you will?  If you have totally forgotten that you own a certain book, tool or household item, how important can it be? Mark a box for donation, and place these items in it. Bag what is essentially rubbish, and tote it down to an area outdoors for disposal.

Look at What is Left and Make Storage Categories

Break your attic space into categories such as photos and souvenirs, clothes, hobby items, book, Christmas, and so on.  This is a great time to put up some shelving or install hooks to get as much as possible off the floor and to utilize the vertical space.  As you create categories, move important things into that area.

Re-sort the Items You are Keeping.

Prioritize your saved items so that the ones you will use most frequently are the easiest to access. For example, you will use your floor-scrubbing machine more frequently than your Christmas decorations. So, make sure you put that cleaning tool closer to the attic door.

Choose an Expert Dumpster Rental Company

A dumpster can hold anything from scrap metal, cardboard, drywall, wood and plaster to roofing materials, clean earth and asphalt. Check with your local municipality for correct disposal of any liquid or hazardous waste.

Looking to rent? You can order a dumpster rental here on our website by clicking here to go to our dumpster bin rental page. If you'd prefer, you can give us a call at (905) 671-3795 or fill in the short form below and we’d be happy to explain exactly what your dumpster rental will cost.

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